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Two compound elements combine to eliminate the thin film of water that causes slipping.
Absorptive carbon flakes use capillary action to draw water away from the surface.
Shelled microbubbles absorb any remaining water & improve contact with the ice and snow surface.
As the tire rotates, the water is expelled, prepared for its next contact with the road surface.
The silica with Zeruma agent compound enhances tire tread flexibility in very cold conditions, enabling it to grip the road.
3-D pyramid-shaped sipes interlock to maintain strong tread blocks, improving block stiffness during acceleration, braking & cornering. Multiple edges offer better grip & control.
Multi-flat profile expands the contact area of the tread on the road surface & allows for wider grooves to expel water, snow & slush. It also reduces tread noise & irregular wear
Power edge blocks equalize contact pressure under heavy loads, for increased stability & reduced irregular wear.
Reverse 'V' shaped centre blocks evacuate water effectively from the centre of the tread under braking.

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