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Winter Traction : Triple 3D Sipescreate more biting edges as tire wears for enhanced traction on snow and icy roads.
Winter Traction : Extra-Wide Center Rib & Large Control Blocksmaximize road contact and deliver great stability in wet, dry and icy conditions.
Winter Traction : Absorptive Compoundadapts to different weather conditions for confidence on all winter roads.
Resistance to Wear : High-Density Compoundprovides greater stability and longer wear on winter surfaces.
Wet Traction : Absorptive Compoundwicks water away from the road for greater tread-to-road contact.
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3D Sipes: Numerous three-dimensional saw-toothed sipes evident throughout the tire increase control by providing more biting edges to cut into icy surfaces.
Slash Grooves: Lateral grooves of different widths evacuate snow, slush, and water from the tire quickly, keeping it continuously ready for the next bite.
Power Rib: Provides a firm footprint for stronger breaking and maximum ride comfort, control and stability.
Power Groove: The grooves sweep away grip-robbing elements to ensure that the rubber meets the road.

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