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Winter Traction : Triple 3D Sipes
Winter Traction : Extra-Wide Center Rib & Large Control Blocks
Winter Traction : Absorptive Compound
Resistance to Wear : High-Density Compound
Wet Traction : Absorptive Compound
create more biting edges as tire wears for enhanced traction on snow and icy roads.
maximize road contact and deliver great stability in wet, dry and icy conditions.
adapts to different weather conditions for confidence on all winter roads.
provides greater stability and longer wear on winter surfaces.
wicks water away from the road for greater tread-to-road contact.
More Information
3D Sipes: Numerous three-dimensional saw-toothed sipes evident throughout the tire increase control by providing more biting edges to cut into icy surfaces.
Slash Grooves: Lateral grooves of different widths evacuate snow, slush, and water from the tire quickly, keeping it continuously ready for the next bite.
Power Rib: Provides a firm footprint for stronger breaking and maximum ride comfort, control and stability.
Power Groove: The grooves sweep away grip-robbing elements to ensure that the rubber meets the road.

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