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Long-Lasting Tread Compound
Sidewall Protector Bars
Twin-Cut Grooves
Step Block Groove
3-Ply Casing
Progressive Power Shoulder
Directional Tread Pattern
broadens on-road performance while being more resistant to off-road chipping.
resist side punctures and cuts.
increase traction in dirt, rain, snow, and ice.
configuration provides increased traction and tread stability, and improved water drainage.
construction (select sizes) handles heavy loads at highway speeds and delivers outstanding durability.
enhances durability via large buttresses with side protectors that help expel mud and dirt.
improves self-cleaning ability of tread and increases traction.
More Information
Progressive Powerful Shoulder - tougher protection, wilder looks Upper protection bar, Lower protection bar - 2 new bodyguards protect sidewalls.
Twin-Cut Groove boosts traction - 32 degree angle Directional Pattern empowers traction & mud expulsion
Wide double-step Center Groove heightens edge effect
Versatile Compound - Fine tuning of the compound increases wear resistance

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