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All-Season Performance
Long Lasting
Enhanced Durability
Please check your local regulations regarding suitability for use in winter.
The 3-dimensional pyramid shaped sipes increase block rigidity for improved tread wear and excellent all-season traction.
A rounded edge design softens the contact between individual tread blocks, combating uneven wear.
Designed to fight off sidewall cuts and abrasions, these protectors also offer a rugged, aggressive look ideal for on/off-road vehicles.
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Four straight grooves evacuate water for better performance in wet conditions.
Dual 3-D Rattlesnake sipes improve road performance & reduce uneven wear.
Pyramid design adds stiffness.
Zigzag configuration drains away water & grips slippery surfaces.
Beveled blocks edges promote even wear.
Five-pitch block variation cuts tire noise & reduces uneven wear.
Multistep Tread Technology features platforms around the groove walls, increasing rigidity for improved wet & dry maneuverability.
Self-cleaning action ejects mud for better off-road traction.
Aggressive side protectors result in better traction in mud & stronger resistance to cuts.

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