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Snow-pick traction grooveLateral ice ax shaped grooves having a scratching effect on roads. Powerful snow performance by optimised lateral groove angle.
Zigzag traction grooveImproves snow traction and braking performance by increasing the cross point.
3D winter sipeEnsures optimal winter performance by minimizing block movement on wet and snow roads.
Ice grip slitsProvides cornering performance with sub slits.
Wide shoulderProvides the best handling performance improves grip by widened shoulder blocks compared to conventional tires.
Optimized cube blockBy dividing the lateral block through semi grooves there is increased flexibility and an optimised contact area when cornering. Wet and snow handling performance is also improved.
Wide aqua groovesImproves wet performance through the use of 30% wider grooves compared to existing product.
Aqua slantProvides ultimate performance in wet conditions by increasing cross sectional area.
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