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High grip silica compound
Jointless full cover reinforced belt
Wide 2 steel belt layer
Equilibrium polyester carcass line
Adoption of high-hardness bead filler
Ultra high strength bead wire
Broad-lateral grooves (Broadleaf tree style)
Summer sipes
Needle-lateral groove (Needleleaf tree style)
Winter sipes
Snow-pick traction (Powerful snow performance)
M+S: Mud + Snow
3PMSF: 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake
Improved snow / wet traction and lowered rolling resistance.
Ideal tread strength.
Ensures optimal tread stiffness and improves handling performance.
Enhanced sidewall stiffness and durability.
Improved handling and steering response.
Improved uniformity and durability of the bead position.
The step tie-bar and aqua slant is formed on the basis of its broad lateral grooves. Reduced ground resistance enables a smoother flow over water and snow. Enhanced lateral grooves ensure the best snow traction performance.
The application of two different sipes allows the tire to possess high summer capabilities on the inside and winter capabilities on the outside. A 3D sipe locking system progressively supports the tire even in poor road conditions by strengthening block stiffness.
Main lateral grooves with a cross-over angles offer high traction and braking performance, optimised for various road conditions.
Winter sipes ensures strong winter performance on ice and snow.
The ice axe inspired V-shaped lateral groove offers effective driving and cornering capabilities on both ice and snow. Snowflake shaped shoulder markings indicate the position of winter Tread Wear Indicators (TWI). They provide greater safety and performance, letting you know when a tire's tread depth is no longer beneficial for performance on snow.

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